Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News from Ethiopia...

A friend of ours just sent us this update on the kids!

I just have a minute because the internet is slow as mud and we have to pay for it but I have to tell you about your incredible kids.

First off, Mr. Abenezer is amazing... he is everyone's favorite... nannies, volunteers, kids, etc. He is tiny... much smaller than he looks in his pictures. He is incredibly talkative and social... he chats right away at you. He is all smiles and just as charming as they come. You are going to have so much fun with him... oh, and he seems to be in very good health... not a mark on him, full of energy and just super happy and active. Cat, he is just wonderful beyond words.

Hana is equally wonderful. She marched up to me with her hands on her hips and in perfect English said, " I go to America today???" I told her SOON! Everyone is so happy here that your case has passed and they are going home soon. They both know that they have a family and are coming to America. Hana is super sweet... she was very motherly to X and the other little kids. Cat, I am telling you she is super smart... she does not miss a thing and quite the little spit fire (in a good way!) She is a doll baby and you are just going to love her. I think she is going to adore having a sister close in age, and having younger siblings. I can't wait for you to get her and see them. She also looks super healthy and is very active.

One more thing... I hate to tell you this, but Abenezer is already engaged... he proposed to my sis and gave her a little ring (it was a little metal loop off of a tarp and he had these huge doe eyes and gave her the ring. It was adorable! We are saving the ring and will mail it to you (since we are family and all now) :)"

This stuff just makes my day!! We can't WAIT to go get these two!!



Natalie, David and Baby said...

Oh my gosh, that just gave me chills! I can't wait to meet them... I think of you guys SO often!


mrnsimons said...

It gave me chills too, i just read it out loud to eric :)