Monday, February 4, 2008

Don't Expect "News" This Week Or Any Time Soon

So today was interesting. I was able to actually speak with our legal counsel in Ethiopia. I appreciated the opportunity, but still don't feel much better about anything. The connection was rather poor and although he speaks pretty good English we couldn't quite connect on all of my questions.

The gist of the matter is this:

1) The neighbor that needed to be found to correct Abi's paperwork was found. (this part is good)
2) She was taken to the MOLSA office. (also good)
3) MOLSA wants her to get the new letter from the Kebele (?) (This seems bizarre to me, but that's what it sounded like) (not so great here! Hoping to hear that someone is escorting her soon, but has not been confirmed)
4) It will not be done for Wednesday. (awful)
5) It should be done within 10 days or so. (potentially good, see qualifiers below)

The problem is, we don't know:

A) Does 10 days mean that the paperwork will be completed by the Kebele at that time?
B) Will the neighbor actually get around to taking care of this in 10 days?
C) Do we need another court date?
D) Do we need yet another letter from MOLSA?

If the answers to the above are yes, that 10 days could still mean another month (or more!) until we "pass" . And another month (or more) after that until we travel. =(

I am hoping we'll get more clarification in the coming days.

But it looks like court date number 5 will be a bust for sure either way. There is no end in sight.


Amanda said...


Charissa said...

Thinking about you guys a lot!!!

Diane said...

remaining in prayer.....there will be a light soon. I just want abi and hana to feel our love through the Holy we cannot do so in person. :( Helplessness is such an awful feeling! love mom

Wendy said...

Happy thoughts still going your way - I can sympathize, but am sure I can't come close to imagining how this must be for all of you. Hopefully the next few months will pass quickly and you will all be on a plane to pick them up and bring them home for good.