Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Waiting with My Coffee ... oh, and Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone survived the big party night last night!

We stayed home (yes, we are old). This past weekend was such a whirlwind that a nice quiet movie night was just fine with me. I didn't really feel much like celebrating yet anyways.

Yesterday we [finally] heard back from our agency. We still don't know what happened when our rep went to court on the 27th exactly, but we were given [our fourth] court date - today! It is currently about 10 a.m. here, making it 6 p.m. in ET. So, whatever happened, has happened. So, I'm just waiting with my coffee, trying to get some work done that I should've done yesterday (and needs to be done before tomorrow) ... waiting for news!

I'm feeling guarded, but optimistic. I can't think of what could possibly still be wrong with our case/file that we wouldn't pass today. Supposedly the missing MOLSA letter was obtained last week and everything else was already in order. However, I can't help but think if that was true then why wouldn't we have just passed last week? I know another family did... But analyzing it doesn't change it. So I try (try being the operative word) not to analyze too much.

And I can't help but be financially frustrated. Because no matter what happens today, we have lost the ability to take the adoption tax credit for 2007. Which means we have to wait another 15 months or so. And I'm not a heartless person - that doesn't even enter my stratosphere of feelings about not having my kids yet. But in this guarded, practical position that I must sit in and wait, how do you not consider the financial impact? This ended up being a pretty pricey mistake for us. We had really counted on that extra help for a new(er) van this year - one that would fit us all (including the dogs). So that's out of the picture. And it is easier for me to sit and focus on that nonsense than to really stop and think about how hard its been not having the kids home (or news of when they will be home) throughout this holiday season...

So, I sit with my coffee (obviously ignoring my work) and ramble... and wait. Please, please, please, keep your fingers crossed for good news!!!!! (and that we actually HEAR said news today!)

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