Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quiet Lately...

Sorry that we've been rather quiet lately. Frankly, it just gets old posting bad news after bad news. We still have not heard back from our agency with any more information. We have hope the rest of our wait won't be too much longer ("too much" being a very relative term) but we aren't pinning any hopes on February 6.

We've already received Grace's passport so expediting is super quick these days! Oh, perhaps I haven't mentioned that - we decided to take Grace with us to ET! She is super excited to go and I think it will be great for her and Abi and Hana to meet and begin to bond in quasi-neutral territory (as opposed to our very non-neutral house!) Poor Al gets left behind with Grandma, but I think she'll enjoy her time being spoiled!

So that's about it. Kind of a sorry update I know, but hopefully it won't be "too much longer" (there is that term again!) and we'll be able to post some honest-to-goodness GOOD NEWS (like in the way of TRAVEL PLANS!)

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