Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Losing Hope

I spoke too soon. We just heard - our case was rescheduled for January 21st. No information as to why. I can't take this any more. It just isn't fair.


Leslie said...

It is so unfair. I am really really sorry.

Diane said...

I know that against all odds as we are sitting now it is easy to throw up your hands. But I know that your hearts are with those children as are ours. And the very definition of faith is to believe when all else says "no". I do believe....I do have faith.....I remain in prayer. They are our children and will be with us soon. love always, mom

jo1682 said...

I'm sorry. We're thinking of you and hoping for you too.


Still here with you...when you lose Hope we will carry it for you.
jen in mi

FrogMom said...

I am so sorry. Our family is thinking of you and the kids.


Ted and Jill said...

So sorry Cat. This is terrible! You are in my prayers.