Friday, January 25, 2008

How Many Ways Can You Say No?

I don't have the emotional energy to explain. And we haven't even really been told a helluva lot. All we know is that our agency is gone far beyond dropping the ball. The just sort of threw it backwards.

There is still some government paperwork that needs to be corrected for Abi's file. This should've been done before we were filed, at the latest after our first failed date when we were told his file was triple checked. But it was not. And so we wait.

It isn't clear what happens now. We have another date (our fifth) of February 6. We don't know yet if this can be corrected before then or if it is even worth hoping it could be fixed by that time.

So we wait.



I must say this is beginning to get ridiculous if this problem is all due to your agency! Isn't that what you are paying them for? I can see if it is in-country and birth family isn't showing up or the govt's are being very thorough, but if it's like you say it is, all paperwork your agency is suppose to do I too would be very upset!
jen in MI

Wendy said...

Sigh.... I'm sure this is frustrating for the whole family. Hard to believe that so many little things can go wrong one at a time.