Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting Sneaky!

Okay, as some of you noticed, we went "private." I need to get to bed as I am badly sleep deprived from a long (but fun) weekend in Indiana. But the skinny is that I am a bit blog-paranoid now. A family was blocked from adopting from ET because they were fundraising on their blog with photos of their child before they passed court.

I realize that I'm not doing either of those things. But I decided you just can't be too careful! I can't risk any nonsense at this point. So, rather than figure out exactly what I wanted to do privacy-wise, I just made it private. So, right now it is by "invite" only. If you know someone who actually reads this thing and would want an invite, just let me know!!!

Other than that, PLEASE just think happy thoughts for the court hearing that is going to take place in mere hours...

1 comment:

Ted and Jill said...

We did the same thing. I will get an invite out to you too. It is not worth the risk!