Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dare to be Hopeful?

Well, it sounds like the MOLSA letter did actually get done... it just didn't get to court by Monday. This was what we were told back in December as well. But I think a DIFFERENT piece of paperwork (another letter from somewhere else) was missing then. Not completely clear. The MOLSA office is newly staffed with picky people (probably good for ET adoption - bad luck for us, again).

Anyways, the problem NOW is that there was some paperwork that was not done properly when Abi was taken in by the orphanage. I guess this flew under the radar at our first court date (or the judge just didn't get past Hana in our file?) but our agency's attorney found it last week and is trying to get the orphanage to secure the proper item. So much red tape, so many players in the puzzle.

Also complicating the puzzle - a European agency was shut down for six months b/c of falsifying documents, having birth parents lie (or allegedly knowing they lied) and in general unethical behavior. On one hand this is GREAT - Ethiopia is taking very aggressive proactive steps to keep this process straight for the kids and families on both sides. ON the other hand, they are likely to be even MORE picky about paperwork ... which could very well be a problem for us right now. =(

To be completely honest, this problem with Abi's paperwork is extremely frustrating given that they should have know this was a problem long before we were filed in court, let alone in the two months since our first court date. But when I start thinking that way I just get angry.

And I don't like to be angry when I think about my kids!

So I've been taking a lot of deep breaths (and getting a little light headed... j/k) Mark is optimistic. I think he just can't bear to think that it won't happen on Friday. To be honest, I"m not too hopeful for Friday. But I am hopeful it won't be too long.

In the mean time, we were able to see some great photos of the kids!! Hadn't seen new ones in awhile! Abi has such a charming smile. He is going to be t-r-o-u-b-l-e with the ladies! And we were able to see a lot of "action" shots of Hana which was fun! She looks tiny, but nice and round - Still has a little bit of kid pudge to her. Seeing that helped - like we weren't missing EVERYTHING. We got to see her in her school uniform at her desk. SO cute!

I just can't wait to meet them. To be there. It has to be soon.

We've been waiting for them for so, so long. They've been waiting for a family even longer.

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