Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shower of Love

I haven't had time to type a post to do this weekend justice. But rather than ignore it completely I'll throw in a few details!

This weekend my best friend from college and my sister threw us an adoption shower at our house. It was so much fun! We had a very nice turn out with a random crowd - some of Mark's friends from high school, some of mine from college and law school, some family and even our neighbor! We had so much great food, including some yummy take out from a local Ethiopian place. I'm embarrassed to admit, but this was our first time trying ET food! I don't even know the names of everything we had (Mark ordered and then couldn't remember either...) but it was all very tasty, especially the beef tibs. This was my second time trying the injera and I actually liked it this time with the food (not so tasty by itself...). Overall, the ET food was a decent hit at the party too, even among some of the pickier eaters. It is nice to know that we have several options for it so close. I'm sure the kids will appreciate that once in awhile when we get them home!

Everyone in attendance was also EXTREMELY generous with gifts! I was so appreciative just of the support alone, but to get the piles of presents was too much! Everything from sheets to scooters to play ground balls to savings bonds. Our kids are all so loved. That was an amazing gift in and of itself.

I do have photos from the party that aren't uploaded yet. I'll have to add those soon. It was a long, but wonderful day. Thank you so much to everyone that was a part of it.


Our Ethiopian Journey... said...

That is so great to have supportive friends and family...you are blessed !

Denise said...

Your shower sounds awesome!

Jillienne said...

How awesome! Everyone's gotta love a good shower! I just wanted to say good luck on your court date!

Thankfulmom said...

It sounds like a great shower. I hope to hear good news about your next court date!