Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Baby is a ... Toddler!

I'm a bad blogger. The year is coming to a close. Our 2nd court date draws near(er). And work is insane. So, blog-world gets neglected. But I'm back for a [relatively] short update on our happenings!


Per true kid form, she refuses to actually walk on camera. So no video footage to prove it. But Ally took her first steps on Thursday. She sort of accidentally took one that afternoon and then promptly fell on her bottom. But, I think she was saving it for me! I had to work late, but while we were all hanging out in her room before bedtime, she took about 5 steps in a row at Mark to get her new favorite toy! I was so glad to be home for it!

She's growing up SO fast. And this weekend, she just started spouting off all kinds of words. I have been trying to determine how much was on purpose and how much was on accident. but she seriously said, more than once "mama" (I've been waiting for this one!), "strawberry" (seriously - we have several witnesses) "Ally play" (all together, while holding up a toy), among others. It's been crazy.

AND last night she did her first sign that i'm sure was intentional (the sign for more). It was so cool! It's been really fun to watch and to watch Grace be excited for Ally. I dont' remember all of this with Grace. How quickly we forget the little stuff...

It's been so fun watching her grow. And watching Grace grow as a big sister. They are really starting to play together now. I can't wait to have all 4 kids home and geling as a family!!!

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Amanda said...

umm you didn't mention that ally loved me SO much she took a couple of steps in my direction too... of course i had her binky, but whatever :-)