Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Joys of a Christmas Spent at Home

In no particular order...

(1) Letting your kids plow through their gifts at their leisure - no need to hurry them up to get on the road.

(2) Getting to wear your jammies ALL day.

(3) Having an excuse to cook your first turkey with your husband (and sans meat thermometer - oops!)

(4) Not having to worry about icy roads, time tables, or clean clothing (or a clean house!)

(5) Not having to answer any questions about when the Abi and Hana will actually come home... and not having to hide the tears because they aren't here yet...

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Leslie said...

I know the feeling--with a few changes, I could write a similar post about "The Joys of a Day Spent Working at Home" (taking out the part of the kids and husband). Hey, it's not much, but we're in this together. :)