Friday, November 30, 2007

Today has arrived!

Still no court news. It is about 11;30 a.m. Which mean it is about 7:30 p.m. in Addis. Which means it is 8:30 a.m. in Washington (where our agency is).

What does all of that mean?

Not a damn thing.

We might know today. There is a chance we might not. I'm going crazy. Work is VERY hard. I can't focus. I even brought in bagels to share today as good karma! How funny is that! Especially since court was already over at that point and (even if such things worked) it would've been too little, too late.

At least I have happy co-workers!


Mack said...

i think that "post-court closing time bagel karma" can still work. I base this on several things.
1. the theory of relativity and that time was traveling more slowly for you today because it's speed was directly relative to your anxiety about the possible news.
2. space is curved and so are bagels so they fit well into arguments about space time continums.
3. as we saw in the second part of back to the future, bagels could potentially power the delorian time machine and we all know that if you have a delorian all things are possible including inventing rock and roll.
4. I also had a hankering for bagels and purchased bagels to share today

My fingers are hurting from being crossed, but I will continue to wait and root for bagel karma!

Mack said...

on another that a picture of chief justice john roberts eyes...because it's a little scary

TedTracie said...

I don't know you and have never been to your blog but LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read this post because I am waiting on a referral and I constantly and doing the math about what time it is there and what time it is where our agency lives... HAHAHAHA.

Still cracking up :-)

Cat & Mark said...

Mack - Yes, those are Justice Robert's eyes! Only you would notice that! I googled "Bug eyes" and that was the best image I found! heeheehee