Thursday, November 29, 2007

T Minus 1 Day

That's right folks. Tomorrow is the big day - court.

That means that when I wake up tomorrow, I could be the (legal) mother to FOUR children. Not bad at 26 eh? ;) Unfortunately, I won't know for several hours. Maybe even days if we are unlucky with communication issues! AHHHH. That would/will drive me crazy! There has been some construction near the orphanage and email communication has been cut off. Oh, and our agency's in-country contact has been in Ghana all well and won't return until tomorrow. So that all [potentially] hinders when we'll know the news.

PLEASE keep us in your thoughts. We so, so badly want to pass the first time. Okay, well seriously who doesn't? But it feels like we've been waiting SO long. We committed to adopt Abi over five months ago. That is a long time to know who your son is but not to have him legally be yours! Although not as long for Hana, she's grown in our heart so quickly that I can't hardly remember before we decided to adopt her too! Grace has been waiting a long time and wants her new siblings home very badly.

I was also thinking today. If we do pass, there is a good chance that we will be in Ethiopia for Christmas day. And that might be the day we meet our kids. How amazing would that be? Although it would be pretty sad for Mark since we'd spend much of the day before traveling on his birthday! I think he'd get over it though... ;)

Oh, I just cannot focus! I have so much to get through at work and just keep seeing their faces when I try and concentrate! Keep your fingers crossed I don't' get fired today (just kidding, but still). i can't even imagine what I'll be like tomorrow - whether we pass or not I think I'll be useless!!!

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Leslie said...

Yay! Praying that by this time tomorrow we will excitedly be planning to spend Christmas with our children.