Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Freak Out

2 Weeks and 3 Days
That is what my handy little counter says. That would mean there are exactly 17 days until our court date. Seventeen.

I have been trying so hard NOT to get my hopes up for actually passing on the 30th I haven't stopped to really think about what we are going to do if we DO pass! How crazy is that. Now I have a whole new thing to stress about!

Because, hopefully, we'll be traveling within 4 weeks of passing court. Which means a full month of preparation right? Well, yes. But let's think about how much free time I usually have during the month of December? Umm... how about none!

And we need plane tickets
hotel/guesthouse reservations
packing lists
actual packing
actual stuff TO pack (yes, there is still some shopping to be done)
somethings to pack stuff in
lists and lists and lists - for everything
What to do with the dogs?
KIDS? (okay, so this has been discussed, but final details depend on our exact timing so still a huge stressful issue)
**Not to mention how can I leave my KIDS for 2 whole weeks????? I'm not even letting myself deal with that one yet...

Now that I have sufficiently freaked myself out, I better get back to work. Now I can worry about passing AND not passing for 17 more days. Sigh.

This adoption stuff is hard...
I just want to bring Abi and Hana home. Soon.

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friedlings said...

I feel confident we'll pass on 11/30. Things seem to be evening out as they do.... so I'd start gearing up if I were you! I have *SO* much to accomplish as I'm sure you do. Enjoy the ride. It's a wild, wonderful one. : )