Sunday, October 28, 2007

She's Got It!

On Friday night we got our photo of Hana with her welcome bag! She looks pretty confused, but happy. It was so fun to see her in her new shirt, holding the photo album with our faces. I still can't fathom what she is thinking and feeling, but I hope she is happy overall I can't wait to meet both of them!!!

Now, hopefully we'll know our court date this week. At the rate they have been getting postponed though, it may not mean much. But still going to cross our fingers that things go (fairly) smoothly from here on out! =)

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friedlings said...

Wasn't it completely surreal when you opened the photo of your kid with the stuff in the welcome bag?! I remember the moment I saw the picture open up on the computer like it was yesterday.

Rebka had a smile on her face. Hana also looked confused and, well, grumpy.

How are you functioning waiting for news on a court date?! I'm drooling every time I hear the *ping* announcing a new email. By tomorrow afternoon, I'll be barking and running around in a circles at the sound my dog. Oh, how this process reduces you to a complete brainless, reactive wacko.

Good luck! Congrats on the photo.

Randi with AAI
Fellow Group-X member