Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oh Baby! Our Little One is ... One!!!

It's true! Big Al's birthday was Sunday. She is now the big 0-1. CRAZY! Just hard to believe our little baby is already a full year old. Saturday night Mark and I just sat and talked about what the last year has brought to our lives. New jobs, new family dynamic, new outlook on life, the world...

Our dreams for our family have changed so much - and just grown exponentially. It is amazing what you think you can do if you actually stop and ask yourself!

So, if all goes well, in just a few months we'll go from a typical American family of 2.2 children (Okay, just 2 - but if you count the pets that is at least another .2) to a family of 6 (for those of you challenged in math, I am counting Mark and I at this point). Another way, that has us going from 1 to 4 kids in less than 18 months! And yet, all of us couldn't be happier!

But back to the lady of the hour (week?) - little miss Alice. What a year she's had! She started out a bit crabby, not going to lie. There were some rough colicky weeks. But the truth is, Ally is just very determined, focused, and goal-oriented little gal. If you were a non-moving blob who couldn't control a thing about your life and you had all of those attributes, you'd be crabby too! Yet, even with those loooooooong nights, she still had us all wrapped around her little finger.

And boy, once she got mobile (rolling) things sure changed! She is now the happiest, smiliest baby ever. She LOVES LOVES LOVES her big sister and her Claire Bear, Wally, and Poncho (in that order). Mom and Dad are alright too. She gets perfect strangers to stop and do a double-take on a daily basis - who can resist those blue eyes? Or that grin?

She's not walking, but she will be soon. She just hasn't made that a goal yet. She is perfectly happy crawling everywhere and getting into everything. But once she does set her mind to figuring something out, you can just see the gears start turning! It won't be long!

Ally sure is special.

Enjoy the random photos from her birthday! She absolutely LOVED the ice cream and cake (in that order) and the toys weren't so bad either! It was a lot of fun.


Leslie said...

Happy birthday, Ally!!

Natalie, David and Baby said...

Awww, Ally is 1! Don't tease with the promise of pictures... I want to see her adorable little face covered in cake and ice cream! :)

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Ally!!!! What a happy girl!