Friday, October 26, 2007

Dreaming of a New Family?

It is Friday afternoon here. Which means it is nearly midnight in Addis Ababa. Abenezer and Hana should be tucked in by now, like any other night.

But it isn't any other night.

Hana was supposed to get her welcome bag today. We haven't heard for sure, but that was the plan. So today, our five year old daughter-to-be found out there is a family waiting here in Michigan for her. Two sisters. And she found out that Abi will be her brother! And she could see our photos, put on her new shirt, hug her doll.

What must she be thinking???

Is she excited? Scared? Angry? Thrilled? Perhaps all of the above. Can you imagine how YOU would feel in that situation??? I honestly can't!

I just picture her in bed, with her little armed tucked around her new doll, holding tight to her wishes and dreams. And, hopefully, sleeping a little more soundly knowing that she has a new family, a forever family, that is thinking of her and loving her a million miles away...

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