Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'll cheat just a little!

Okay, we have done SO good about not posting any photos of our kiddos. But since the only thing I can do with myself this evening is post apparently (see three other posts below!) since Mark is out with the guys, I have to put 2 more photos up of my babies that are half way across the world. Since it isn't their whole face, I think it isn't really cheating. Right? (guilty face)

Oh, and if Mark comes home and things I'm crazy, which is entirely possible, these photos will probably disappear... ;)


LISA said...


Erin said...

I think it's ok to share pics on blogs... Our agency recently said no pics on fundraising websites or other similar things, but that blogs were ok. :)

They are gorgeous!!!

S.A.H.D. Guy said...

Hello. I'm one of the guys Mark was with and we had a great time last night! Just wanted to say these two will be a beautful addition to an already beautiful family!

Leslie said...

Totally not cheating! :) And even just a peak shows their cute little eyes!!