Sunday, September 2, 2007

IKEA ... sucks

Well, we planned a fun-filled family outing today to Ikea. Okay, so I didn't really think it would be THAT fun. But I thought it would be productive and that was good enough for me. We were really good - we wrote out a list of exactly what we needed (in priority).

So we get there (and this is a 2 hour + drive!) and we spend a few hours looking at our options. The big things we were looking at were 2 new dressers for the kids and a bedroom set for us. We find it all, plus all the odds and ends, etc.

So, we meander down to the self-serve pick up and find that half of our stuff is out of stock. You've got to be kidding me (mind you, no indication on the showroom floor that this is the case). So we decide to ask before giving up - good news! It is all in stock, just in the back. So we are told to wait a few minutes and it will be brought up.

Don't worry - we stuck it out! Only to find that the computer showed the items in stock, but the customer service rep (ha!) couldn't find them so they must be in transit. We can come back on Tuesday. Rrrrrrright.

All in all, from the time we realized that half our stuff wasn't there to when we gave up was a full hour!

Why didn't we just go ahead and get the stuff we did have you might ask? Well, out of our bedroom set they had the bed, but not the dresser or nightstands. And they had one of the kids dressers but not the other! The whole point of this trip was to match! Ahhhhhh!

So we got some cheap kiddie dishes, Ponch got a new bed, a few other crummy odds and ends and we headed out for a lovely 2 hour + drive home... Don't worry. Ally slept a solid 28 minutes on the way there and approximately 4 on the way home (and I'm not joking). A bit off her nap time?

So, tonight I'm pissed at Ikea. Not sure how long the grudge will last. But perhaps awhile...

P.S. I do have to say that both kids were just troopers! Grace didn't whine (too badly) and Ally hung out on my back for 4 hours without (too much) complaint. And the tolerated the 4 hours in the car well too. I guess it was a family bonding experience. Just not as productive as I'd hoped! Damn Ikea.

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Leslie said...

Ugh--I hate IKEA! It sucks the life out of me what with the confusing layout and all the stuff... I'm sorry you had such a tiring trip. I still need to get the bedroom stuff too, and when I think about going to the store, dragging it home, moving everything around where it will go, and putting it together, I just want to take a nap! I hope you're having a great Labor Day!!