Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Grace Funnies

So, I probably post more about Gracie than Al, but truth be told Ally just can't say anything funny yet (or for that matter, can't say much of anything). So Grace get's some limelight:

Her recent favorite thing to discuss with me is how we do not have enough children. More specifically, "I think we should have 4 kids. No, 16. No, a HUNDRED!!!" Ah yes, well, at least she is keeping things reasonable. Oh and she requested that we adopt them all save one, because she would like one more to come out of my belly. Ummm.... nope.

Also, she has decided that when she grows up she would like to be a mom and a doctor. And that she would like 16 children, 8 boys and 8 girls. Some babies, some older kids (to help of course). But she is going to adopt them all - because "You know what mom? Having babies just hurts too much! I'm not interested!"

=) So, it looks like Grace plans to keep our twilight years full of grand-kiddos! That should be quite entertaining!


Natalie, David and Baby said...

She is too smart for her own good. :) What a blast it has been to watch her grow into such a precocious, amazing little person. :)

Leslie said...

Well, see--there you go! :) She is too funny!