Friday, September 7, 2007

Crocs and Socks Have Taken Off!!!

Thanks to everyone who has supported our Crocs and Socks drive for AHOPE! Every little bit of your generosity has been much appreciated.
Yesterday we got some fabulous news!

We've been trying to find a 'hookup' that could get us Crocs at a discout or maybe donate some - but we'd been getting shot down. However, Mark's mom has a good friend that owns a shoe store. So Carol asked her friend if she might be able to help us out. Man - what a result!

Not only is her friend going to let us order all 80 pairs at cost (about half of retail!) she is going to pay for HALF!!!! Isn't that amazing!

So we still have a ways to go to cover the difference and we'd love to gather several other pairs to have extra size options, etc. But now we know we really will be able to take enough for every kid! And hopefully we'll have enough left over to purchase some medical supplies, etc (we plan to be VERY creative packers!).

Yeah for the generosity of strangers! :)


Amy Williams said...

Hi cousins! Stephanie told me about your Crocs idea - it is great!!! Please let me know what the best way to get you some $ is - mail you a check or do you have a paypal account I can deposit to?

Thanks! Take care!!!

Cat & Mark said...

Thanks for the comment Amy! Mailing a check would be best. Email me at and I will give you our mailing address.

Thanks again!

Natalie, David and Baby said...

That's amazing news! :)

Ted and Jill said...

We are in MI also and adopting two children from ET. It was nice reading your blog and knowing some of your spots....we went to Mich. Adv. this summer too. Loads of fun!!

Diane said...

My religion class has a "Prayers for Change" jar and my 1,2,&3rd graders are adding whatever they can and piling up the prayers too! But this will all go to crocs/socks. I love the fact that we are acting instead of just sitting on our hands waiting for Abi.....I know the angels are holding him during this process! love mom