Monday, August 6, 2007

Some news perhaps? And other ramblings...

It sounds like our welcome bag should be headed to Ethiopia in about 2 weeks. Yeah! Not exactly as quick as we'd hoped, but since it is SO expensive and complicated to mail anything to Ethiopia, all these bags must go over with an agency worker and we happened to hit a dry spell.

So why is this 'big' news?

Abenezer will (finally!) know he has a family! I wonder what he will think? What could possibly go through a three year old's mind when being told such news? Excitment, fear, confusion - all of that and more I'm sure. What an overwhelming thought - a new family, a new country.

We also know of at least one family traveling in the near future who plans to get photos for us. We are so excited! I can't wait to see if he's grown, if his hair has grown out at all or if they are keeping it pretty short. Is he happy? So many questions...

Mark and I attempted to go to IKEA this past weekend. We have a list of things we want to get done before we head to Africa in a few months, including getting the kids' rooms all set with a bit of new furniture. Unfortunately, we figured by the time we packed both girls up to go, we wouldn't have enough room to bring anything home! We had to settle for buying a few picture frames to liven up our family room. We've also been hounding Craigslist like crazy looking for good deals! Anyone have a couple of great dressers they want to get rid of?

I think this is my nesting phase. Right now, the courts are preparing to close in Ethiopia and we won't have any news (at least not on the legal front) until October at the earliest. Yikes! That is a long time!!! So, I'm trying to fill that void in some way. I know that this whole process has moved very quickly and so many people keep saying that Christmas is really not that far away. But this is even worse than when I was pregant and waiting for the end (and anyone that knows me will realize it is a big deal for me to say that since I HATED being pregnant!)

The difference is, when I was pregnant with my girls I knew they were safe and comfortable. As a matter of fact, both of them, but especially Al, made sure they were comfortable by moving my internal organs to suit their needs! But with Abenezer ... I don't know anything! Every little shred of information that someone shares with us lights up our whole day. A new photo or small story makes our week. A few weeks ago a traveling parent was kind enough to share a photo of her holding him - and we finally got to see him smile! That made my July!

It is harder than I ever dreamed to know that I have a son half a world away. He could be lonely. Hungry. Crabby. Sick. And I can't do a thing about it. He might be happy or excited! And I can't share it. I'm missing it...