Thursday, August 23, 2007


I can honestly say that my life changed this past March. I can't pinpoint the exact day, but once we decided to adopt from Ethiopia, it was like a veil was lifted. I began to open my eyes and really see what extreme poverty, hunger, and disease is out there, both around the world and far too close to home.

Far from making me unhappy or uncomfortable, it has made me appreciate things so much more. Sure, sometimes I look at my big house, my fancy school district, my plush job and I get a little angry - angry at myself, angry at the world that is just so unfair and uneven. And, more often than I care to admit, I forget about all of those people - halfway around the world and in my own city - that are going to bed hungry. Personally, I am working on making awareness part of my daily life, trying to figure out what my place is in this world. What I am supposed to accomplish while I am here... I'm sure that will take time to work out. but having just started this journey within myself is terribly exciting!

I ran across this link while looking at someone else's blog. It only takes a few minutes to view the slide show. But it really puts things into perspective - what if the world only had 100 people in it, how would those people be broken up, how many haves vs. the have-nots?

I encourage you to take a look at it, if only to remind yourself, for a moment, that we are a nation full of haves. We are lucky. Even when things are hard, we can be thankful for the great friends and family we have, the clean water, the warm homes. The rest will fall in line...

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