Thursday, August 30, 2007

Does He Know????

I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's driving me nuts! What I do know:

1) Our agency director IS in Ethiopia.
2) She took a number of welcome bags to distribute.
3) We sent our welcome bag to the agency a month and a half ago.
4) Another waiting parent found out her daugther received her bag and she is at the same orphanage as Abenezer.

So was has seven years of post-secondary education taught me about logic? That yes, he did receive his welcome bag this week and that he now knows he has a family.

What does my heart say? I'll believe it when someone tells me for sure!!!

So hopefully I'll have a confirmation on this issue soon - it is driving me nuts.


Leslie said...

I hope you find out SOON!!! It's driving me nuts too? Did you try emailing the director?

Cat & Mark said...


I did email Merrily yesterday, but no response. Sigh. I know that he probably did, I just have this fear that it got forgotten or something! Have you heard when you might see a photo or anything?


Leslie said...

I totally know what you mean, totally. I half don't really believe it myself til I see the picture. I'm thinking, was she just saying that she got the bag and liked the doll, or did she really get it??? She said Gail would send the picture, but no time frame on that--I will let you know! So frustrating!! I think it's pretty likely that if they gave her a gift bag that they gave him one, but until you hear for sure (and see the picture), you wonder. I hope you hear soon.