Friday, August 31, 2007

Collecting Crocs and Socks for AHOPE

Now that we have explained our passion for the children at AHOPE in this post, we wanted to introduce our blog readers out there to our fund raiser.

Basically, we will not be able to travel to Ethiopia to bring Abenezer home until December at the earliest - well, that leaves a WHOLE lot of time to kill until then! As such, we realized that it is the perfect time to begin to collect donations. There are many things not readily available in Ethiopia and mailing things there is extremely cost-prohibitive. So most adoptive families stuff their suitcases at least partially full of donations (which, on the flip side, leaves tons of room for souvenirs!)

Now, many items are needed in Ethiopia - pretty much everywhere. But we wanted our main "donation" to be something that Grace would be excited to be involved in as well. So, we are collecting Crocs and Socks for the children of AHOPE! Ethiopia has a pretty extensive rainy season (which is why the courts are closed now and we are stuck waiting...) so Crocs are ideal because they dry out quickly and mildew free. Also, their long-lasting, anti-microbial material is great for an orphanage setting. Our goal is to collect one pair of Crocs and socks for each child at AHOPE - so about 80! That is quite a few pairs, but we are going to do our best.

Some people have donated money to our cause and we are hoping to be able to purchase the Crocs at cost, rather than retail, in order to purchase many more. Also, even gently used pairs would be helpful too!

If you are at all interested in donating a pair of Crocs, or socks, or making a monetary donation to the cause, please let me know! (if you don't have my email address, lease a comment below and I'll be in touch) Additionally, we hope to fill in the cracks of our luggage with various medical supplies - first aid ointment, band-aids, cold medicine, etc.

Wish us luck!!!


Katie Ceci said...

Hey Guys,
I check your site to keep updated and love the socks & crocs. Just wanted to let you know I purchased a pair and will get them to you via Stephanie or Cris!

Cat & Mark said...

Thank you so much!

The donations have started rolling in, thank you to everyone! We have a long ways to go yet. There are about 80 kids at AHOPE who need shoes!

Again, thanks to those who have participated! Keep the faith, and we'll get there.

Wendy Pinter said...

Cathy and Mark -- would love to help out with either Crocs or the $$ to purchase so you can make sure to get the right mix of sizes. Where should I send?