Friday, August 31, 2007

Can You Ever Do Enough?

In my excitement over Abenezer knowing he has a family, I wonder about the others - the millions of orphans in Ethiopia and other countries who will never know such joy. Maybe because they suffer from a 'special need' and there aren't enough families willing to take that on. Or maybe because they just aren't in the right place at the right time.

And my heart aches for them.

But the truth is, I can't adopt them all. Adoption is not a fix for the various problems that have caused or contributed to the insane numbers of orphans around the world. Its a solution for our family and for Abenezer, but certainly not a long term fix for Africa or anywhere else.

I think everyone has a time (or times) in their life when they are a bit more socially aware, conscious of what others are going through . And those times can be very enlightening - and yes, very sad and depressing too. Because there are just SO many things out there. The work of the Humane Society, the continued plight of Katrina victims, the atrocities in Darfur. Even if you were the most dedicated person on the planet, you couldn't contribute your time or money to all of those things. While checking on the Heldt blog today, I saw a link to this post. What an great, thought-provoking viewpoint on the issue.

I guess you have to do what you can - and just keep trying to raise what it is that you "can" do. And try and encourage others to do the same...

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