Friday, August 24, 2007

The Birthday Girl!!!

Can you believe it! My little Gracie - SIX YEARS OLD. Wow, if that doesn't make me feel old, not sure what will! Her birthday was actually yesterday, but I wanted to get some photos to put up.

Unfortunately, her birthday was marked by a storm that rolled in and we lost power. But I think she had a good birthday. My parents drove out for cake and ice cream, but due to the storm they could only stay for an hour. But it was still nice to see them.

Today was her party - her two best friends came over and we had big plans to head to Michigan Adventure. Well, the lovely storm fronts pounding the west side of the state for the entire week continued so we didn't venture out. Instead, the girls happily played for hours and we went out for Happy Meals and a movie. Grace wanted to see Shrek the Third. Of course, the other 2 had already seen it, but they were good sports (more or less).

Sometimes I just look at her and marvel - she has really grown up a lot in the past year. She is reading now and doing really well. It is amazing how much her self confidence plays into her abilities. When she is feeling confident, she can read pretty complicated sentences and words. But once she gets hung up on something she loses all concentration and gets really frustrated. But she is doing better about pushing through. The same was true of swimming. She started lessons about six weeks ago. The first class they 'tested' the kids for the proper level. She was placed with kids younger than her even though we have seen her do some of the things she wouldn't for her test. But little by little she got more comfortable with her teacher. And now, she can jump off the wall into the deep end and swim back to the wall all by herself! I'm so proud of her.

And she is a very thoughtful and sensitive kid too. She spends a lot of time thinking about Abenezer. Sometimes at night she tells me she misses him and wants him to be here with her. And she clarified that too - not 'here' in her heart, but 'here' right next to her.

She is my girlie-girl. She would prefer to wear dresses and 'fancy' shoes any day of the week - but only as long as she can still dig around in the mud!

Overall she is really just a great kid. We are so lucky to have her as our daughter.

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