Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome Bag is in the Mail!

We have finally finished Abenezer's welcome bag. Had to wait a bit for the t-shirt and photo album to come in the mail. But, we are very happy with the final result. He is getting two very cool Matchbox cars and a toy Raptor. We got this great little teddy bear from Mack (get it at Brookstone) that is the softest we have come across. Hopefully it will be of some comfort to him in the meantime.

His t-shirt says "Property of Grand Rapids, MI XXL" on it. Kinda cute. That was a tough decision for some reason. A lot of people send shirts with family photos on them, but we wanted all the kids to have the same shirts.

Of course we are sending a letter as well just telling him how excited we are and who lives in his house and what we will do for fun when he gets home.

The photobook was from Snapfish. It turned out really nice. Just a few pages. Everyone in the fam here has a page (including the pets). Then there is a photo of our house and the swingset.