Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guess where our dossier is??? (finally!)

It's official! We got word yesterday that our dossier was mailed on Monday. Whoohoooooo! Took a little longer than I expected, but we are stuck with the rainy season closure either way. So, in the next few weeks it will be translated and finalized so it can be submitted to the Ethiopian courts in October. Hopefully we can get a court date in October or November (keep your figers crossed for the soonest!). We are getting a little worried now that it may take several tries to get through court, so the earlier we get in the better!

The Ethiopian courts are being very picky lately about the paperwork/evidence to prove the children are actually orphans. Overall I think this is GREAT - countries do need to step up and do what they can to protect their children for the atrocities that can accompany adoption.

Unfortunately, it is really tough on some kids, especially the older children that have been waiting for families for over a year. When they came into the orphanages, not as much paperwork was kept (the courts didn't require it at the time) so now there is much scrambling to fill in the gaps. We met a family this weekend at our a Michigan (midwest) Ethiopian adoptee get together (will post about that another time) that will be traveling in 2 weeks to pick up their son (age 11 or so) and it took them five tries to get through court! How emotionally draining! But congratulations to the Van Ee family and Dawit!

So please keep us and Abenezer in your thoughts and prayers that we can still get him home by Christmas (and maybe sooner!).