Monday, July 9, 2007

BIG News!!!

Well, we haven't exactly been keeping up on here lately, but now is time for a little catch-up post! I guess we can go in chronological order?

Al was baptised on June 24th. She looked so cute wearing the little dress Gracie wore in the wedding. I thought she was going to have a fit since she was crying her eyes out in the church nursery. But she really kept it together and I think she enjoyed it! We were fortunate to have a great turn out of friends and family - thanks so much for coming! Mack wins the travel award though, since she came all the way from New York!

Friday, June 29th was a pretty big day ... WE FOUND OUT WHO OUR SON IS! Just one kiddo - but that's fine by us! We knew that things would work out as they should and we couldn't be happier! He is an adorable 3 year old little guy named Abenezer. We are going to keep his given name. We will probably call him Abe or Abi (ah-be). Our agency advised against us posting his picture online but most of you readers already got them via email (if you haven't seen one, just email me!). He is a CUTIE... one picture we got he was sporting some great curls! In another one he is wearing an adorable tiger costume!

Unfortunately, it is still likely to be awhile before we can get him home. We are likely to hit the court closure for the rainy season - yuck. That sets us back a few months. But, fingers crossed, we hope he will be home before Christmas! What a great gift!!! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

And, last but not least, the news for our eldest child - Gracie sucked it up and got her ears pierced yesterday (her idea, not ours)! What a trooper. She was very brave. I must say, she cried more before they did it than after! (she's a worrier) She looks so grown up - hard to believe she's almost 6!!!

Yes, yes, lots of exclamation points in this post. ;P