Friday, June 29, 2007

How to Complete your Dossier in 8 days!

Yep, you read that right! We were able to have our dossier mailed out only EIGHT days after we received the paperwork. Whoo hoo to us the paperwork masters! Oh, and we get bonus points considering that Mark's mom was in town visiting from Alabama 4 of those days (and the whole family went off camping!).

To be fair, our homestudy social worker was just great and saved us a ton of time- she accepted copies of everything so we did not have to get multiple originals. Nearly everything she required, she required in the same form as was required by our agency, so most of our paperwork was done when we got our dossier "to do" list from our agency. And a special shout-out to Amanda and Danielle who had the quickest turn-around in HISTORY on reference letters! What great friends!

Another thing that sped up the process is that one of the power of attorney forms had to be mailed to our secretary of state for certification and the state seal page. Well, we just don't trust the state or our mail system (also, who knows how long that would have taken). Mark actually drove out to the state capital and just got it done in person. It actually only took 2 minutes, a tank of gas, and all of Ally's patience for a day, but we were able to send that with our other documents straight to our agency. Isn't he a great guy?

So, although we haven't been posting much lately, things are still flying by. We just get more excited each passing day....

Also, although we thought long and hard about a sibling set, we talked and talked about it. Realistically, a sibling set under 5 is quite a lot to ask for. And I can't help thinking that we may still have a son out there. So, we requested a sibling set of 2 under 5 OR a little boy age 2-4. I think the big guy upstairs has plans for us, so we'll stay out of it for now. ;) We'll be thrilled either way!