Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We're Pregnant!

Okay, so we are NOT actually pregnant... but beginning the adoption process feels very similar in many ways (fortunately, WITHOUT the horrible morning sickness and weight gain).

We've just started telling people and it is really fun to have some share in our excitment! Others seem to be happy for us, but not at the same level. I think maybe it is a big idea to wrap your head around and we are just hoping that everyone's excitment will grow once we are further along in the process and especially once we have our referral and know who our son is going to be.

I'm really glad that Grace continues to be excited. Today she told me, "you know mom, we need to get him some toys." Since this was out of the blue while I was getting ready for work, she caught me off guard. "Who honey?" Then she roller her eyes (yes, she is only 5) and said, "My brother. We only have girl toys. I think we should get him a big truck." It was so cute!

It is great to have support as we start this process. Originally we planned to keep it quiet for much longer. But that was problematic for several reasons. However, now that it is out (at least to some degree) it makes me excited all over again. The positive vibes are giving me that extra push toward the moutain of paperwork and hoops to jump through that await us!


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